Leport Photographic | 16-7-16 Trip to the Nordkapp and back by Triumph Explorer, day 9

16-7-16 Trip to the Nordkapp and back by Triumph Explorer, day 9

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Day 9

Lofoten to Mo I Rana down the E6

207 miles





The day started badly, we were both feeling a bit less clever after the drinks on the night before and only getting a couple of hours sleep.  
The weather was still pretty poor and we left in more drizzle to make the short run to the the ferry from Moskines to Bodo.  

As we were waiting for the ferry tommy decided to see if he could find some breakfast and rode off. Then the ferry guy came around to collect payment and told me to move to the front of the line.   As we began to board there was still no sign of Tommy, I tried to call and text him with no response.  Finally he turned up just as I had secured my bike on board!

He did arrive with freshly baked cinnamon buns though. 


While I was strapping the bike down the Spanish people next to me were quite helpful. The lady who was riding pillion was about 4'9" and really bossy! She got us all organised really quickly.


Bye Lofoten, hope you have nicer weather if I ever get back!IG4A2196IG4A2196

The ferry took 3.5 hours (and was surprisingly cheap at about £35) to get us to Bodo and we sat out on the deck in the rapidly improving weather.  Once the ferry docked we headed onto the E6, we had both been warned that it was a very boring road.  However it turned out to be a wonderful run that snaked through the mountains and down into the forest as we came out of the Arctic circle.   



We were making progress and both had a  absolute blast, my face was sore from grinning like an idiot.  The triumph explorer was running well with the haunting howl from the exhaust echoing off the rock faces beside the road. 

As we approached Mo I Rana I at almost 6pm I decided to call it a day and get somewhere to stay for the night, Tommy decided to head further to the coast as he had less time than me to complete his route.  We said our farewells and went our separate ways after a great days riding.   


Tommy on his Triumph Tiger 800

I managed to get a hotel in the town and got some dinner in an empty restaurant before falling asleep. 



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