Leport Photographic | 22-7-16 Trip to the Nordkapp and back by Triumph Explorer, day 15

22-7-16 Trip to the Nordkapp and back by Triumph Explorer, day 15

July 28, 2016  •  4 Comments
Day 15

Lillehammer to Oslo

120 miles 


I set off on another lovely day, it ended up being 26 degrees again.

Riding down the relatively dull E6 gave me time to think about the journey and how much I've enjoyed it. Even though the bike now needed a service, tyres and brake pads. And about a 9 hour wash and polish. 
My arse also hurt from steady 10-12 hour days in the seat without a break, and I felt generally tired.

I got the bike back to the depot for about 10am and strapped down into the shipping frame, got changed outside as it's a big place and the toilets were miles away, then got a taxi to the train station to return to the airport.

The trains and flight were uneventful.
It was good to be home!




Out of the whole run the section in the arctic circle was my favorite, amazing roads with less people and great scenery. I really do like Norway, even though it's an extremely expensive place to go I'm really impressed.
I spent two days each in Sweden and Finland and would like to see a lot more. 

Over the whole trip everyone I met was helpful and friendly. 

If I was to do a similar journey again I'd probably attempt to have some more short days as I was getting pretty tired towards the end. I'm not the sort of person to worry about missing museums or other attractions though, I really just want to ride my bike and take pictures. Even towards the end of the trip I was still waking up early ready to get on the bike and get moving.

I'd have liked to have camped more but it was so sunny that I really struggled to sleep.

I would take a tankbag for the camera as I did spend quite a bit of time stopping, getting off the bike and unlocking the topbox to get the camera out each time. I'd also see about a more comfortable seat, the bike was otherwise faultless.

Cheerio Norway, Sweden and Finland. I think I'll be back!



Mani Tu(non-registered)
Awesome blog, I'm heading to Nordkapp this summer and I'm sooo looking forward to it. Your writing is interesting and photos are nice too. It must be convenient to work offshore and have so much spare time to ride the bike. Lucky you! ;)
Mark Breen - Ireland(non-registered)

thanks for your blog, it was wonderful, your photos from the 5D are also great. Your descriptions of Norway are as I recall when I visited by bike in 2005 and 2006. I still miss it. You are correct when you way that you finish taking photos of one stunning place only to put the camera away and round the next bend is a much more impressive scene.

I am currently on a trip myself in Lithuania but just spent the last 30 mins reading your blog, so thanks again. it was wonderful.

Well done on the daily milleage, that is impressive. Anyone can do that for one or two days but I know it is tough to keep up the pace.
Magnus Lundin(non-registered)
What a fabulous trip and very interesting to read about your adventure and see all your pictures! :)
Duane Stott(non-registered)
Great adventure mate. Very jealous. Some stunning views and photographs.
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